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--Coming Summer of 2018--

The conversation is about to change

Integrity – Access – Engage – Outcomes

Recovery Solutions will own and operate agencies that provide a full continuum of recovery services

Our Philosophy

Recovery Solutions is an organization committed to solutions-based, stigma-free empowerment through high-level assessments, education, mentoring & peer-based methods. We believe an agency can help a person benefit from ALL current models available while still respecting the integrity of their personal goals

Stigma and judgement litter the recovery process. Those affected by addiction have experienced a lifetime of this and it doesn’t end when we reach recovery…in many ways…it intensifies. Stigma and judgement is front and center…everywhere you turn.

Lines are drawn between:

Treatment Providers
12-step programs
MAT (medication assisted treatment) or abstinence-based 12 step program?
Recovery housing programs
Faith-based programs

We believe our commitment to person centered care requires we set aside our judgement(s) and offer options based on where the individual has been…and where they want to go.